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THE HARDEST NIGHT - Short Film In Post Production

Dean Kirkright and Cody Ross

Last summer I was fortunate enough to work with DOP Warren Luxford and actors Dean Kirkright and Isaro Kayatesi on a short film I wrote the script for. I was interested in exploring the classic Australian 'lost in the bush' theme in a modern day context. THE HARDEST NIGHT is in the final stages of post production and should be ready for a screening early 2015.

Director of Photography - Warren Luxford

Lead Actor- Dean Kirkright

Supporting Actor, Isaro Kayatesi and Make Up Artist Shona Leach

Actor Cody Ross Studying The Script

2nd Camera - Jarreau Farina With His Drone

Isaro and Cody

Sound - Kriztian Pilisko

Cast and Crew


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