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A COMMON GOAL - With Each Brick Laid, The World Becomes A Smaller Place.

in February 2014, Steven Jeffery, travelled to Cambodia with a group of like minded young tradespeople to assist in the construction of an arts centre at a local English Language School in Chumkriel, Cambodia. This depicts part of a larger story following Steven's University Lecturer, Jon Wallace, as he travels with trades students to remote locations in Australia and abroad, seeking to understand and exchange cultural and trades practices. With each brick laid, the world becomes a smaller place.

An invitation from Talenthouse inspired me to create this 2 minute video for AirBNB about making the world a smaller place, one less stranger at a time. You can also check out #onelessstranger on Twitter.

#cambodia #swinburnebuiltenvironment #stevenjeffery #carpenter #tradesstudents #globalexchange

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