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A Modern Bush Tale

Written and Directed by Jennifer Ross

Genre - Drama     Running Time - 13:15   IMDB LINK 

Featuring Dean Kirkright and Isaro Kayitesi


THE HARDEST NIGHT is a short film about Robert Keyes (Dean Kirkright), a young Australian man based in NYC. Successful wild child of his stockbroking firm, Robert is happily married to native New Yorker, Jenny (Isaro Kayitesi). Tired of the frenetic pace of New York, Robert has encouraged his wife to relocate to Australia so they can embrace the free and easy lifestyle of his birthplace.


Keen to show Jenny what his childhood weekends were like camping in the great outdoors, Robert eschews all the glamorous trappings his successful career has brought his family and naively proposes a weekend escape from city life, roughing it in the bush.
Robert soon discovers that his childhood recollections and city smarts mean nothing in the wilderness. As night falls the family must decide how they’re going to survive. 


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